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Here are the directions so you can enter the PIONEERING INTO THE FUTURE Contest:

At WorldVitalRecords.com we're pioneering into the future by using the latest Web 2.0 technologies to help you connect with your loved ones, share memories, and find your ancestors.

Pioneering into the Future Contest

Show your pioneer spirit and break new ground by uploading a photo at WorldVitalRecords.com. You will receive one entry for every old photo (taken before 1950) you upload to WorldVitalRecords from July 24- until midnight on August 25. (There is no limitation on the number of photos an individual can submit.) The winner (from a random drawing) will receive a gift certificate to have 25 photos professionally scanned and will be notified on August 26. The photos will be added to our ALWAYS FREE WVR Family Collection database .

To enter, simply send an email to content@worldvitalrecords.com with the following information. (Don't forget to attach your photo to the email!)

Entrant Information
Email address:

"I understand that by submitting my photo to WorldVital Records, it may be used for any promotional content without my permission."

(Answer YES or No)

Photo Data
Name(s) of recognizable people. Please list names from left to right:
Approximate place where photo was taken:
Approximate date of when photo was take:

I heard about the contest from:


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