OHIO, USA, Up to 2018

    • MyHeritage Family Trees - (1,015,579,686 Records) - MyHeritage Family Trees is a collection of family trees submitted to MyHeritage.com by users. Each family tree includes information about the people and relationships in this family, including first and last names, events such as births, marriage ...
    • Ohio Tax Records, 1816-1838 - (1816 - 1838, ) - This project was indexed in partnership with the Ohio Genealogical Society. Name index of tax records as recorded with the County Auditor of each county. Includes the counties of Columbiana, Guernsey, Harrison and Jefferson.
    • Ancestors at Rest - Death Records for Ohio  - Coffin plates, funeral cards, death cards, wills, memorial cards, cemeteries, vital stats, obituaries, church records, family bibles, cenotaphs and tombstone inscriptions.
    • African American Census Schedules Online | Ohio  
    • AccessGenealogy - Ohio Census Records  - Census links for online census research.
    • 1890 United States Census - (1890, 6,286 Records) - Record Description These collections consist of indexes and images of schedules enumerating the United States of America. The information was handwritten on pre-printed forms. The forms were divided into columns and rows. The basic census enumer ...