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Country State City Year
Publication Title City State Year
Burke GazetteBurkeSouth Dakota2008-2009
Canistota ClipperCanistotaSouth Dakota2008-2009
Chamberlain DemocratChamberlainSouth Dakota1923
Daily HuroniteHuronSouth Dakota1887-1891
Daily Huronite and Plainsman, TheHuronSouth Dakota1944-1946
Daily Huronite, TheHuronSouth Dakota1886-1910
Daily Huronite,TheHuronSouth Dakota1904-1910
Daily Plainsman, TheHuronSouth Dakota1959-1973
Daily RepublicMitchellSouth Dakota1960
Daily Republic, TheMitchellSouth Dakota1937-1977
Daily Republican, TheMitchellSouth Dakota1919
Dakota Huronite, TheHuronSouth Dakota1884-1909
Evening HuroniteHuronSouth Dakota1929-1944
Evening Huronite, TheHuronSouth Dakota1927-1928
Evening Republican, TheMitchellSouth Dakota1920-1926
Freeman CourierFreemanSouth Dakota2008-2009
Hartford Area NewsHartfordSouth Dakota2008-2009
Homboldt JournalHumboldtSouth Dakota2008-2009
Huron Daily PlainsmanHuronSouth Dakota1973-1977
Huron Tribune, TheHuronSouth Dakota1881
Huronite and The Daily Plainsman, TheHuronSouth Dakota1946-1959
Hutchinson HeraldMennoSouth Dakota1964-2009
Isabel DakotanIsabelSouth Dakota2006-2009
Marion RecordMarionSouth Dakota2008-2009
Mitchell Daily RepublicanMitchellSouth Dakota1885-1892
Mitchell Sunday RepublicanMitchellSouth Dakota1889
Montrose HeraldMontroseSouth Dakota2008-2009
Morning Republican, TheMitchellSouth Dakota1918-1921
New EraParkerSouth Dakota2002-2009
Republican, TheMitchellSouth Dakota1918-1921
Sanborn Weekly JournalWoonsocketSouth Dakota2008-2009
The Sunday RepublicanMitchellSouth Dakota1889-1891
Weekly State Spirit And Dakota HuroniteHuronSouth Dakota1909-1910
Wilmot EnterpriseWilmotSouth Dakota1915-2009

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