1900 Census: Colorado Indian Industrial Schools
This index contains extracted names from the Grand Junction Indian Industrial Schools' 1900 Federal Census. These enumerations were slightly different from the usual 1900 Census entries or the Federal Indian Census as there was a special section, "Special Inquiries Relating to Indians." The main section included the headings found on the 1900 Federal Census. In addition, however, this special section listed the tribe of the Indian as well as the tribe of his/her father and mother. There is also a heading entitled "Mixed Blood" which asked if the Indian had any white blood and how much, "Conjugal Condition," "Citizenship" and "Dwelling" ("Is this Indian living in a fixed or in a movable dwelling?").

Source: Colorado State Archives, 1900 Census Population, Grand Junction Indian School, Enumeration District #74, Mesa County, Colorado. Compiled by Connie Ryan; last modified December 6, 2002.

Colorado State Archives, 1900 Census - Colorado Indian Industrial Schools