Rowley Regist Parish Registers, 1772 - 1812, Part 3
The Rowley Regis Parish Register, Part 3 contains baptism, marriage, and burial records for the years 1772 to 1812 and also has an index for the Register parts 2 and 3. Rowley Regis is a Parish in the Hundred of Seisdon co. Staffs. It is about 3 miles from Dudley and 7 miles from Birmingham, and stands on high ground near the Rowley Hills. Some names of interest found in the registers are: Orme, Wille, Grove, Haden, Parkes, Cattell, Marten, Mansell, Hoccheks, and Adenbroke, etc.

Rowley Regis Parish Register, Part 3 Percy W. L. adams, Moreton House, Wolstanton Privately Printed for the Staffordshire Parish Registers Society 1915. From the Everton Collection.