Queensland School Pupils Index, Part 4
This database indexes names drawn from 331 Queensland schools. Dates range from 1870 to 1993 with a 30 year closure, as recommended by Education Queensland, when names were extracted directly from Admission Registers. Schools range from large city ones with admissions in the thousands to country one-teacher schools with a total enrolment of hundreds. Some schools have long ceased to exist; others are still functioning.

Sources from which the names are drawn are diverse - actual school admission registers, school histories covering a significant anniversary (Jubilee, Golden, Centenary) in the life of a school, and local histories which don't focus on the school but include a pupil list as part of their story. Many of the original sources provide additional information on the family including age at admission, birth date, parent's name and occupation, religion, address. Schools are a source we cannot afford to overlook!

Fields indexed

Surname: Pupils name - spelling may differ from known ones - check all variants. A ? indicates the surname was not given or cannot be deciphered.

Given name: As taken from the source document, usually full given name, sometimes first name followed by initial, sometimes initials only. A ? means not given or cannot be deciphered.

School Name: The name of the school at which the pupil was enrolled.

Date: Date of admission is sometimes but not always supplied.

Year: Year of admission, depending on the source, is usually given; sometimes when a register is missing, only a time period (for example, 1900-1927) is given.

Source Document: The document indexed - often this document will contain additional information which has not been indexed.

Reference: This field gives an identifier to allow location of the entry in the source document - the page number (or admission number if given) if the source document is a published book, an admission number, or left blank (the year is often enough to locate the item) if the source document is an admission register.

The list of schools included in this database is available at http://www.qfhs.org.au/schoolpupilsPart4.html

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