Queensland Public Service 1864-1948
This database of 65,369 entries lists the name, present office, location, date of birth, date of initial appointment, and the date, page and Volume reference in the Queensland Government Gazette (or Blue Book for 1870-1879) for officers employed in the various departments of the Queensland Civil and Public Service between 1864 and 1948. Lists indexed include: Civil Service - 1864, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1891, 1892, 1893, 1894, 1895 and 1896 from the Queensland Government Gazette 1870, 1872, 1873 and 1879 from the Queensland Blue Book Public Service - 1897-1917, 1920, 1924-1930 and 1948 from the Queensland Government Gazette. Lists could not be located in the Queensland Government Gazette for 1918, 1919, 1921, 1922, 1923, or 1931-1947. The Blue Book entries in this database have been compiled from the index to the published lists as have the 1924, 1926, 1927, 1928 and 1929 Public Service entries. All other entries have been indexed directly from the actual lists. Further information provided in the Gazette/Blue Book may include the salary (and various allowances), the date from which the salary was received, the date of appointment to present office, and whether under Public Service Acts or Excluded from Acts. Qualifications, where appropriate are also recorded. Many entries provide additional information about the officer in footnotes - some explaining the allowances received (for example, Mileage allowance for use of own motor car (9d. per mile)) and others relating to previous positions held.

Date of Appointment: The lists typically give several dates for each person - the Date from which salary received, Date of First Appointment or Re-appointment as recognised for Long Service Privileges, Date of Appointment as an Officer of the Public Service, Date of Appointment to present Office, and Date of Appointment to an Office Carrying Present Maximum Salary. For the purposes of this index the earliest of these dates has been taken as the Date of First Appointment since it will best indicate the length of time the person has been employed; other dates can be found in the original gazette.

The later lists used abbreviations to describe positions held. The abbreviations applicable to the 1925 listing are given below.

List of abbreviations for positions 1925 (as per the Queensland Government Gazette) A.C.D.P. Assistant Collector, Interstate Destitute Persons A.D.R. Assistant District Registrar A.L.A. Acting Land Agent A.L.C. Acting Land Commissioner C.D.P. Collector, Interstate Destitute Persons C.P.S. Clerk of Petty Sessions D.L.C. Deputy Land Commissioner D.M. Deputy Marshal D.R. District Registrar D.S. Deputy Sheriff E.R. Electoral Registrar F.O. Forests Officer F.R.M. Magistrate constituting Fair Rents Court Govt. Rep. F.B. Government Representative on Fire Brigades Board H.B. High Bailiff H.M. Harbour Master I.B. Inspector of Brands I.C. Inspector under "The Cotton Industry Act of 1923" I.D. Inspector of Dairies I.F. Inspector of Fisheries I.F.S. Inspector of Factories and Shops I.I. Industrial Inspector I.M. Industrial Magistrate I.P. Inspector under Diseases in Plants Act I.P.D. Inspector under Pest Destroyers Act, 1923 I.S. Inspector of Stamps I.S.H. Inspector of Slaughter-houses I.Sk. Inspector of Stock I.W.A. Inspector under Workers' Accommodation Act L.A. Land Agent L.C. Land Commissioner L.M. Licensing Magistrate M.H.C. Member Hospital Committee M.R. Mining Registrar O.V. Official Visitor P.A. Protector of Aboriginals P.M. Police Magistrate P.P.R. Prickly Pear Ranger P.P.W. Prickly Pear Warden R.C.C. Registrar Circuit Court R.F.R.C. Registrar Fair Rents Court R.T. Receiver of Taxes S.I. Shipping Inspector S.M. Shipping Master V.J. Visiting Justice W. Warden

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