Detroit City Directory, 1895
Detroit City [d]irectory for the Year Commencing August 1st, 1895: [contai]ning an Alphabetical List of Business Firms and Private [c]itizens, a Directory of the City and County Officers, Churches, Public and Private Schools, Benevolent, Literary and ?. R.L. Polk & Co.. Detroit, MI. (1895)

Detroit city [d]irectory for the year commencing August 1st, 1895 : [contai]ning an alphabetical list of business firms and private [ci]tizens, a directory of the city and county officers, churches, public and private schools, benevolent, literary and other associations, banks, incorporated institutions, etc. : and a complete [classi]fied business directory of Detroit, [a ma]p and an improved street and avenue guide and directory of householders of the city, also [a] classified business directory of Windsor, Ontario (1895). Detroit, MI: R.L. Polk & Co. From the Quintin Publications Collection.