One Hundred Thirty-Eight Generations from Adam
Ten years ago I published in a local paper a pedigree extending back to Kenneth I of Scotland. There was a considerable demand for this on the part of relatives and friends and, as I had no means of supplying it, I have now decided to reprint the pedigree in this enlarged and more attractive form. This original pedigree constitutes the last three chapters of the book, and, I have no reason to doubt, is entirely reliable. To this I have added a pedigree extending back to Adam, as a basis using one found in O'Hart's Irish Pedigrees," diligently compared with and enlarged from the histories of Ireland written by the Four Masters and by Keating and also similar ancient histories of Scotland, which in turn were based on early records, some of which are no longer extant. I have presented this simply as a matter of curiosity and would have no one suppose that I put any faith in it. To the careful student its sources, method of construction, and motives, are matters of deep interest, but can be only touched on in the brief notes I could here give." -- The Preface of the book.

Congdon, G.E. (1910). One Hundred Thirty-eight Generations from Adam: Being a Pedigree Traced from Adam to the Present Time. Hiawatha, KS: Ewing Herbert. From the Quintin Publications Collection.