Ye Atte Wode Annals
...the prestige of Mr. John" Atwood, 1576-1644, led to respect for the name, and his kin folk lived pretty well up to the old gentleman's reputation, hence for generations, they were looked up to by townsmen. And, there are many worthy representatives of the name living today. Pride of ancestry that leads to study of the events they helped to bring about, that leads to more typical Americanism, is worth while. For, Plymouth first and then all New England, contains the real beginnings of America. But, better have some pride in YOURSELF, lest your ancestral line become "like a hill of potatoes, the best part underground!" -- Taken from the Foreword by Elijah Francis Atwood.

Atwood, E.F. (1928). Ye Atte Wode Annals June 1928: Giving English History, Descendants of Harman, Henry, John, Philip, Stephen, Thomas of Ipswich and Thomas of Wethersfield, Sketch of John and James Astwood, of Henry Wood of Leyden and the Story of Joshua 4 Bradford and the Indians, Etc., with Special Articles Bringing Branches to date. Sisston, SD: Atwood Publishing Co. From the Quintin Publications Collection.