The Arnold Memorial: William Arnold of Providence and Pawtuxet, 1587 - 1675
William Arnold, the first of the line in America, came as a pioneer, assisted Roger Williams in the founding of the State of Rhode Island and thereafter held positions of trust and honor in that State. His descendants have occupied a prominent position, not only in Rhode Island but in the nation. In early times they pushed westward into nearly every state in the Nation, cleared forests and helped build new towns and cities. ... Information was secured from every available source. Town, state and federal records, cemeteries, deeds, Bible records, probate records and accounts in reliable books, were carefully compared and verified. -- Taken from the Foreword by Elisha Stephen Arnold.

Arnold, E.S. (1935). The Arnold Memorial, William Arnold of Providence and Pawtuxet 1587-1675, And a Genealogy of His Descendants. Rutland, Vermont: The Tuttle Publishing Co., Inc. From the Quintin Publications Collection.