A Genealogy of the Descendants of Alexander Alvord: an Early Settler of Windsor, Connecticut and Northampton, Massachusetts
I confidently believe that there exists in the country no branch of the Alvord family whose annals do not appear in this volume -- except some isolated instances of individuals bearing the name, which will be noted in the appendix. The work, covering a period of seven years, has been accomplished in the midst of the confining duties of a teacher's life, but it has been my aim to neglect nothing that would add to the interest and completeness of the work. -- Taken from the Preface, by Samuel Morgan Alvord.

Alvord, S.M. (1908). A Genealogy of the Descendatns of Alexander Alvord: An Early Setller of Windsor, Conn. and Northampton, Mass. Webster, N.Y.: A.D. Andrews. From the Quintin Publications Collection.