Additional Findings on North Carolina Albright Lineage
When my Albright Family records were printed in 1941, I planned later on to do additional research on the early generations. There was a real need for more data, since so many of the early families bestowed the same names upon their respective children, and this similarity in names later on resulted not only in getting the generations mixed up, but als in assigning some children to the wrong parents. Therefore, it was necessary to spend considerable time going through many old records to check names and birth and marriage dates in order to clarify the confusion that had arisen regarding families and the generation to which they belonged. This mixup can now be untangled somewhat b the results of the research of several family genealogists. -- Taken from the first section of the book, by Claribel Albright McClain.

McClain, C.A. (1950). Additional Findings on North Carolina Albright Lineage: A Supplement to "Some Records of the Albright Family" Published in 1941. St. Joseph, Mo.: The Prompt Print.Co. From the Quintin Publications Collection.