Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland
Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland. New York, Murphy & McCarthy, Publishers, 1900. Part I: A Comprehensive Delineation of the Thirty-Two Counties, with a beautifully colored map of each, arranged alphabetically, showing over 1,000 cities, towns, village and places of public interest. Embracing over two hundred illustrations of the natural scenery, public buildings, abbeys, round towers and other romantic and historic places, reproduced by eminent artists from photographs especially taken for this work. (By P.W. Joyce) PartII: The General History, as told by A.M. Sullivan, And Continued by P.D. Nunan. A complete and authentichistory of Ireland, from the earliest ages. With graphic descriptions of the Battle of Clontarf, Strongbow's Invasion, Death of Roderick O'Connor (Last King of Ireland), Cromwell's Invasion, Siege of Derry and the Battle of the Boyne; Siege of Limerick, Penal Laws, the Volunteers, The United Irishment, Catholic Emancipation and Repeal, The Young Irelanders, Fenian Insurrection, Home Rule and Land League Agitations bringing it down almost to the United Irish League. Embellished with portraits of the leading statesmen, orators, poets and martyrs of the Emerald Isle, taken from the original paintings of Haverty, Reynolds, Lesage, and others.

Joyce, P.W., Sullivan, A.M., Nunan, P.D. (1900). Atlas and Cyclopedia of Ireland. New York: Murphy & McCarthy. From the Quintin Publications Collection.