Mariages du Comte de L'Assomption, 1679 - 1960, Volume 3
L'Assomption County: Catholic Church marriages (1679-1960). 1,249 pages. 3 volumes. L'Assomption is a town in southwestern Quebec, Canada on the L'Assomption River. It is the seat of the Regional County Municipality of L'Assomption. It is located on the outer fringes of the Montreal urban area. Most of the economy depends on the agricultural industries of the surrounding plains. It is also the cultural center of the region. In 2002, L'Assomption amalgamated with the parish of Saint-Gerard-Majella.

Rivest, L. (1972). Mariages du comté de L'Assomption: du début des paroisses à 1960 inclusivement (Volumes I:A-D, II:E-L, III:M-Z). Montréal: Lucien Rivest.    From the Quintin Publications Collection.