Repertoire des Mariages de L'Ancienne Lorette, 1695 - 1966
Ancienne-Lorette: Notre-Dame-de-l'Annonciation (1695-1966). 293 pages. L'Ancienne-Lorette is a city in central Québec, Canada. It is a suburb to the west of Québec City. It had been merged with Quebec City from January 1, 2002 through December 31, 2005, but was re-established as a separate city on January 1, 2006 following a referendum on June 20, 2004. Its history dates back to 1674 when a group of Hurons fleeing war with the Iroquois settled here under the protection of the French. They left after a few decades and French settlers took over the land. The city's large two-spired church is visible from far out and is a familiar landmark in the region.

Provencher, G.-E. (1968). Répertoire des Mariages de l'Ancienne-Lorette: Paroisse de l'Annonciation 1695-1966. Société Canadienne de Généalogie (Québec)    From the Quintin Publications Collection.