Mariages de Notre Dame de Montreal, 1620 - 1900
In 1642, the year Ville-Marie (today's Montréal) was founded by Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, Jean-Jacques Olier established the Society of Saint-Sulpice, a society of priests who came to Montréal in 1657 and joined the Jesuits who had already established a mission there. In 1663 the seigneury of l'île de Montréal was donated to the Sulpicians and they governed until 1840. A plan of 1672 drawn up by Dollier de Casson, Father Superior of the Sulpicians, formed the basis for future urban development: he established a linear layout of streets forming blocks of unequal dimensions, roughly rectangular, with a market place and parish church acting as focal points. The parish was officially inaugurated and dedicated to the Saint-Nom-de-Marie in 1678. The construction of the first church of Notre-Dame began in 1672, on the site chosen by Dollier de Casson, aligned with the Rue Notre-Dame. Quebec City: Notre-Dame (1620-1900). 800 pages

Bergeren, D., Brosseau, L., Gauthier, R. (1974). Mariages de la Paroisse Notre-Dame de Montreal (1642-1850) (Volume I, A-K) (Publication no. 15). Montreal: Editions Bergeron & Fils Enr'g.    From the Quintin Publications Collection.