Mariages de St Guillaume d'Upton (1835-1966), St. David d'Yamaska (1835-1966)
Upton is a municipality (municipalité) in the Regional County Municipality of Acton, in the province of Quebec, Canada. St-Guillaume-d'Upton: St-Guillaume, (M) (1835-1966), St-David-d'Yamaska: St-David , (M) (1835-1966). 339 pages

Laliberté, J.-M., Mongeau, A., Pontbriand, B. (1968). Mariages de St-Guillaume-D'Upton 1835-1966, St-David-D'Yamaska 1835-1966 (Publication No. 53). Sillery, Québec: B. Pontbriand.    From the Quintin Publications Collection.