The Ash MSS. Written in the Year 1735 by Lieut.-Col. Thomas Ash and Other Family Records
This MSS., now printed for the first time, was written by Lieut.-Col. Thomas Ash, the hero of the siege, and writer of the Diary" which bears his name, while he resided at Ballymaguigan, having retired from active life after a brilliant military career. It was commenced in 1735, when the gallant old soldier was 75 years of age, the last date being 1737. It gives a full account of the various members of the family at that date. It consists of 26 pages of foolscap, but, unfortunately, the first four and the last two pages are wanting, which, in all probability, would have supplied us with a more full and satisfactory account of the early history of the family and their settlement in Ireland." -- Taken from the Preface written by the author.

Tyler, H. (1890). The Ash MSS, Written in the Year 1735, by Lieut. Col. Thomas Ash, and Other Family Records (Martin, E.T., Ed.). From the Quintin Publications Collection.