Family History. Containing a brief account of the families of Anderson, Davies, and Wersler
The intelligent man desires to know something of the past; not only of the world and of his country, but also of his family. In a country like our own, where the population is ever changing, ever shifting like the sands upon the seashore, it may be often difficult, sometimes impossible, for a man to trace his genealogy to a remote period. The information we may gather and preserve, in affairs pertaining ot our family history, will be found interesting, perhaps useful, to those who follow us. It is true, as some of my young relatives have remarked, that our ancestors were not illustrious, and that their exploits look rather prosy in print. This should not, however, be pleaded in defense of ignorance. An infinitesimal part of the world becomes famous. -- Taken from the preface by J.A. Lloyd.

Lloyd, J.A. (1880). Family History: Containing a Brief ACcount of the Families of Anderson, Davies, Wersler. Dixon, IL: Unknown. From the Quintin Publications Collection.