Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1
Pennsylvania Archives: Fifth Series (1906). The index to the fifth series appears in Sixth series, v. 15

v.1. Officers and soldiers in the service of the province of Pennsylvania, 1744-1765, Indian traders, 1743-1775, Ships registers, 1762-1776, Muster rolls of the Pennsylvania navy, 1776-1779, letters of marque, 1778-1782 -- v.2. Wm. Thomson's battalion of rifelmen, 1775-1776, appointment of battalion officers, 1775, 1st Pa. battalion, John Philip de Haas, 1775-1776, 2d Pa. battalion, Arthur St Clair, 1776-1777, 3d Pa. battalion, John Shee, 1776-1777, 4th Pa. battalion, Anthony Wayne, 1776-1777, 5th Pa. battalion, Robert Magaw, 1776-1777, 6th Pa. battalion, Wm. Irvine, 1776-1777, Pa. rifle regiment, Samuel Miles, 1776, Musketry battalion, Samuel J. Atlee, 1776, State regiment of foot, John Bull, Walter Stewart, 1777, Pa. line from July 1, 1776 to November 3, 1783 (Continental line, 1st-4th Pa.) -- v.3. Continental line (continued), 1777-1783, 5th to 13th Pa., German regiment, artillery, other regiments -- v.4. Continentel line (continued), 1777-1783, invalid regiment, depreciation pay, pension applications, List of soldiers of the revolution who received pay for their services, formerly published in series 3, v. 23 -- v.5. Associators and militia Pennsylvania, co. Bedford to Chester -- v.6. Associators and militia (continued), co. Cumberland -- v.7. Associators and militia (continued), co. Lancaster -- v.8. Associators and militia (continued), co. Northampton & Northumberland

Pennsylvania Archives, Volume 1.