Notes And Queries, Volume 3, 1851 (1849)
Notes And Queries (1849). "For readers and writers, collectors and librarians," (varies)

Humanities index

Abstracts of English studies

America, history and life

Annual bibliography of English language and literature

Historical abstracts. Part A. Modern history abstracts

Historical abstracts. Part B. Twentieth century abstracts

Index to book reviews in the humanities

MLA international bibliography of books and articles on the modern languages and literatures (Complete edition)

Recently published articles

Vols. 1-[145], Nov. 1849-1923, called ser. [1]-13 (ser. 1-12 in 12 v. each, ser. 13 in 1 v.)

Vols. 199- 1954- called new ser. v. 1

Ser. 1-12, Nov. 1849-June 1923 (an index for each ser.) 12 v., Vols. [145]-156, July 1923-June 1929. 1 v., Vols. 157-168, July 1929-June 1935. 1 v

Notes And Queries, Volume 3, 1851 (1849).