Halmota Prioratus Dunelmensis, 1296 - 1384
Halmota Prioratus Dunelmensis (1889). Edited by W. H. D. Longstaffe and John Booth

The original manuscripts of the Court rolls and Survey which are printed in the present volume are preserved in the treasury of the dean and chapter of Durham. cf. Pref., p. ix-x, xxxv

"Corrigenda": 1 leaf following p. xliv

"A booke of surveighe and an abstract out of the rentale of all the landes tenementes and revenews that belonge to the Cathedrall' church of Durism' with the perfect and perticuler state thereof, mayd anno reginae Elizabethae vicissimo secundo, 1580": p. [189]-250

Halmota Prioratus Dunelmensis, 1296 - 1384.