The Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire 1694 - 1994
The Vital Records of Kingston, New Hampshire 1694-1994. Judith A. Arseneault. (1995).

This original Clearfield publication is a faithful transcription of the birth, marriage, and death records of the town of Kingston, New Hampshire. Commencing with the oldest extant records in 1694 and continuing up to the present, Mrs. Arseneault's new book refers to a staggering 25,000 persons who were born, married, or died in Kingston.

The book is divided into two parts: vital records from 1694 through 1900, which were abstracted from the original records, and vital records from 1901 through 1994, which are based on Kingston Town Reports for those years. Within each half of the book, births are followed by marriages, which are, in turn, followed by deaths. The births and marriages are arranged alphabetically according to the name of the father or husband, while the deaths are arranged alphabetically by the name of the deceased.

The following is typical of the kind of information that can be found in the Kingston volume. Birth records, which are arranged in family units, give the names of the parents, names and dates of birth of their children, and frequently the parents' places of birth or residence (other than Kingston) at the time of record. The marriage records furnish the full names of the bride and groom, their places of birth or residence, and the date of the marriage. The death records identify the deceased by name, date of death, and age at death or date of birth, and frequently include the names of the deceased's parent(s), and, in the case of later records, the place of death. While all male Kingstonians are readily found in one of the six alphabetical sub-sections in the book, Mrs. Arseneault's 12,000-name index to females makes it easy to locate mothers and daughters scattered in the text.

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