Familias-Argentinas.com.ar is the biggest genealogy tree data base of Argentinian people.
Familias-Argentinas.com.ar is a project that started in 1994 as a family tree. In 2000, the benefits of posting the data on the Internet were undeniable. A Web page was created with a database of almost 14,000 related persons. Since then many genealogists and family history fans have helped with the project through corrections, new branches, and even genealogical books. In the Familias Argentinas database individuals can find not only information on most of Argentinian personalities, but also many proven connections to European royal families from Spain, France, England, and other countries (for example Windsor and Romanov families are connected to Argentinian families). The oldest branches date back as far as 350 years after Christ. All of the data has been uploaded one by one to maintain the coherence of the database and to avoid duplicity. But more importantly, every single name is added only if it links to any of the existing family branches that Familias Argentinas tracks. This feature, in turn, assures Familias Argentinas that the database is the biggest South American database in which all 130,000 people are connected to each other.