Kentucky Death Records 1900-1999

Historical Context: State-wide death records were not required until 1911, but the following cities had death records prior to the state-wide registration date: Louisville (1866), Lexington (1898), Covington (1880), and Newport (1880).

Questions Asked:
Birth date
Death Date
Place of Death
Certificate Number

Why This Database is Valuable: Originally part of the Everton Online Library, this index covers more than 2.6 million deaths in Kentucky recorded from 1900 to 1999. The index provides the name of the deceased, birth date, age, death date, place of death, residence, race and certificate number. All records are geo-coded where possible. The version of this database also includes nearby cemeteries within the same county.

Next Steps: You can either order the original of the death record using this information,, or continue your searches in person:
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Either way, this information will help to officially place the relative in question in time and space, making their information easier to confirm on pedigree charts and family group sheets.

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