Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana, Part 12
Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana, Part 12. (1876) 2007. As indicated by its name, this huge "Illustrated Historical Atlas" of Indiana includes much more than its 150 beautifully-detailed 19th century hand-colored maps of the cities and counties of Indiana. An extensive narrative history of the state and its many counties includes, in many cases, a description and history of the earliest settlements and settlers.
Of special interest to family history researchers, this volume includes detailed biographical sketches of about 30 prominent citizens, as well as a list of more than 8000 individual patrons of the atlas from across the State, listing in each case his/her name, city of residence, business, birth place, and the date of immigration to (or birth in) Indiana. A variety of additional plates show the portraits or residences of dozens of citizens.
The book continues with a list of post offices across the United States, various census statistics, and an extensive business directory of Indiana.
Each map can be displayed in high resolution and enlarged to 800% or more on the screen without loss of clarity (depending on your hardware). Printouts from this product include an obtrusive copyright watermark. Quality print reproductions can be ordered from an inexpensive map-printing service using a link on each map page.

Baskin, Forster & Co., Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Indiana (Chicago, 1876).