Meredith, New Hampshire: Annals and Genealogies
Meredith, N.H.: Annals and Genealogies. Mary E. Neal Hanaford, compiler. (1932) 2007. The compiler has brought together historical sketches relating to the town of Meredith, New Hampshire, and has combined these annals with extensive genealogies of the families of the town, gathered from a large number of local correspondents. The volume concludes with records of Meredith marriages.
The area that became the town of Meredith was surveyed in 1748 and was incorporated in 1768. In 1855 a portion of Meredith was set off as Laconia and in 1873 another section of the town was included in Center Harbor. The historical section of this volume includes lists of early proprietors and Revolutionary War soldiers. There are separate sections for each of the town's churches, with lists of members and, in some cases, of baptisms performed in that church. At the end of the volume is a section listing marriages performed in Meredith, by ministers and by justices of the peace.
The bulk of this volume consists of hundreds of genealogical sketches of Meredith families. Some of these sketches attempt to connect the Meredith families with their immigrants forebears of a century or more earlier, but most of the information pertains to families as they resided in Meredith.
An important feature of these genealogies is the material from the latter part of the nineteenth century. The compiler diligently interviewed many of the town's residents and collected from them data on the more recent generations, thus capturing data not always found easily in other sources. There are many transcripts from family Bibles which remain in private hands or which may now be lost.

Mary E. Neal Hanaford, compiler, Meredith, N.H.: Annals and Genealogies (Concord, 1932). Archive CD Books USA