Burial records of Rev. John Langhorn.(CofE) of Fredericksburgh, 1787 to 1813
These are the records of the Church of England missionary and minister Rev. John Langhorn for interments at which he officiated. The domicile of the departed is shown but the location of the burial is not clear. It might be assumed to have taken pace in the closest of the Rev. Langhorn's two primary churches: St. John's Anglican, Ernestown (now Bath) and St. Paul's Anglican, South Fredericksburgh township, in the United counties of Lennox and Addington but each case would need further confirmation. There are also two records of interments which are presumed to have taken place at St. George's in Kingstown.
Gleaned from: Papers & Records Vol. I (1899), Ontario Historical Society, Published: 1899.
by: Thomas W. (Willet) Casey
Size: (pages) 7
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