Roll of Pupils of Upper Canada College, Toronto, January 1830 to June 1916
The title of this book is a masterly understatement. Certainly it lists every student who attended the school from the school's beginnings in January 1830 until the end of this reporting period in June 1916, but in that listing may also be found such known facts as:
birth date,
date of entering and leaving school,
name of previous and next school
fathers name, location and profession
addresses for "home" and "where found during school term"
and in many cases significant details about the student in latter years such as location and profession or the date and circumstances of their death.
Nor does the wealth of information end there. Following a fairly detailed account of the school's history and a listing of the school's governors, the names and details of every master who had taught in the school are recorded, some at significant length.
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