History of Toronto and County of York, Ontario, Illustrated
This is a two volume book containing over 1200 pages in total, published in 1885. The volumes, in order, contain historical information about the county and biographical information about its early inhabitants. The history has been written by a number of authors selected for their particular knowledge so that this book contains a depth of knowledge far greater than could be expected from only one person. The biographies appear to have been submitted for publication by the subjects or by a sponsor wishing to make sure the subject would be remembered. They range in length and detail from a few lines of concentrated factual information to at least one account of the subjects life running to several pages. The book provides no index or listing of the biographies but it is estimated that it contains over 1500 individual biographies.
In addition to the written information the book also contains numerous scenic illustrations and portraits as well an 18" by 23" fold out map of the county of York, presumably contemporary with the book's publication in 1885.
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