History of the Ottawa Valley, Part B
History of the Ottawa Valley, Part B. A. J. L. Gourlay, A. M.
Sub titled; "A collection of facts, events and reminiscences for over half a century" This rare book is actually two separate and distinct books within one cover. The second book is titled The difficulties of religion, and while it's included in this reproduction we make no further comment on it in this description.
The author, John Lowry Gourlay declares himself as being of Irish descent, having been born in Drumquin, County Tyrone, and having emigrated to Canada in 1833. His family settled in the township of March and soon they became land owners and farmers in March and the adjoining Huntley township. John was ordained as a Presbyterian minister and served as the first Presbyterian minister in Ashton. From his families part in the early settlement of the Ottawa valley and his own ministries he was ideally placed to pick up and to be able to relate much of the early history of the area.

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