Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War, 1920
Nova Scotia's Part in the Great War, 1920. M. Stuart Hunt. (1920)
Published two years after the end of the Great War, in 1920, this book was intended to record all the activities of Nova Scotians in support of the allies victory. While the Compiler and editor's name, Capt. M. S. Hunt appears in the by-line, this book was in fact the joint work of many individuals, their names being credited in the Preface as well as being printed in their individual contributions.
Interesting differences between this book of "honour" and other similar works published as records of the same war is that this one not only commemorates the actions and individuals of the military organizations but also those of the auxiliary and civilian efforts. The records of nursing staff, both those who went to Europe and those who served here in Canada, are particularly valuable because of their relative scarcity.
While it was recognized by the editor that the aim to report every war effort contribution would never be possible, this book does make a splendid effort. Mention should also be made of the numerous photographs and portraits provided throughout the pages. Of course the technical standard of some of the photography and printing do not do full justice to the subjects, yet their value to the book is high. This book is a valuable record of Nova Scotia's contribution to, "the war to end all wars."

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