History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, 1749 - 1879
History of Leeds and Grenville, Ontario, 1749 - 1879. Thad W. H. Leavitt. (1879)
The author of this book, Thaddeus W. H. Leavitt declares himself to be a newspaper editor by profession, and it seems fairly clear that a good portion of the content of this book has been gleaned from the archives of the newspaper he sites as sources. Not to say that this is simply a reprint of old newspaper articles. Thaddeus has carefully arranged and assembled an amazingly detailed account of the early days of these United Counties of Leeds & Grenville. And then to add personality he has embellished it with biographical sketches of many of the pioneers and outstanding citizens. As if this were not enough he has then gone on to add 76 pages carrying wonderful lithographs of contemporary residences, factories, farms, schools, churches and other places of interest as well as portraits of many of the people mentioned in the book.

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