Nova Scotia Eastern District Telephone Directory, 1922
Nova Scotia Eastern District Telephone Directory, 1922.
What is there to say about a Telephone Directory? This one lists subscribers in the Eastern districts of Nova Scotia (not including Cape Breton) giving their name, the type of service, i.e., residence, office, store, etc., and where the telephone is located. The location may be a place name or - in larger communities - a street name and number, and, of course, it gives their telephone number. This directory is as useful for locating people in 1922 as the modern phone book is for locating them today.
There are some difference to todays directory however. For each exchange the name of the person in charge is given and the location of "Public Pay Stations" is shown. A significant difference is that each exchange lists it's operating hours. A few subscribers were lucky enough to get a "continuous" service, most had to watch the clock - and no calls during Sunday lunch!
Contains 120 pages of listings, we estimate about 5,600 numbers.

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