Cape Breton, Canada - 1903
A wonderful book about a beautiful part of Canada. This is a very hard book to describe in a few words. Is it a social and political history of Cape Breton?. Yes! Is it a description of the Island? . Yes! Does it describe the important mining industries? . Yes! Does it talk about fishing? . Yes! Does it talk about boating?. Yes! Does it give the history of the French in Louisburg? . Yes! Does it describe the major Cities at the turn of the last century? . Yes! Does it describe the life and habits of the native 1st nations peoples? . Yes! Is there any thing of importance in Cape Breton that it doesn't cover? . Well I haven't noticed it yet!
It even includes a history and description of the Cape Breton Highlands - in Gaelic! (Sorry, no translation.)
The book also includes copies of several maps, charts and plans including Champlain's map of Cape Breton in 1692, another made by Nicholas Denys in 1672, a chart of the Louisburg fortifications in 1746 and contemporary (1903) charts of Louisburg and Sidney harbors. There's even a map of the World showing Sidney as it's center.
For technical reasons some photographs / illustrations will not show the detail available on the retail version.
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