Statistical Account of Dundee 1792
Statistical Account of Dundee 1792. Small, R.. 1792.

Statistical Account of the parish and town of Dundee in the year MDCCXCII [1792] is one of a number of such Scottish publications. All statistical accounts of Scotland are indispensable documents for the historical study and understanding of the subject place and this book is no exception. Like its counterparts for other places in Scotland it is an attempt at getting an accurate picture of the geography, people and economy of the place.

Once the reader becomes accustomed to the old type style and particularly the long ?s?, they will find a wealth of information to give a snap-shot of Dundee in 1792; an invaluable resource for those with an interest in this region.

The parish and town locale is described in detail and the estates are named which is invaluable for researchers as knowing the name of the estate people lived on can open up a new avenue of research as sooner or later, all tenants of an estate are named in Estate papers! Topics covered include the soil type, cultivation practices, the climate, fisheries, history, population numbers, industry, privileges as a royal borough, the churches, charities, and the notable persons and families.

Old historical records are a valuable resource for local, family and social historians as well as for researchers in other fields of history. They provide information on the environment experienced by the residents of the time and how they lived, as well as their occupations.

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