Education Department War Service 1914-17
Education Dept Rcd of War Service 1914-17. 1921. A wonderful and comprehensive record of hundreds of Victorians involved in the Great War 1914-18. Includes biographies and photos of those who served - those who were killed and those who returned.

The 306 page book is arranged as follows


  • Foreword
  • Summary
  • The Builders


  • The Men who Enlisted - gives the names and last school before they enlisted
  • The Men who Fell - short biographies - with photos of most
  • Inspectors, Teachers, and other Departmental Officers whose Sons or Brothers Died on Service - over 100 who died
  • The Men who Returned - short biographies - with photos of most
  • Honors and Decorations - list of those who received these
  • The Men who Volunteered and were Rejected - mostly on medical grounds
  • Memorials


  • Formation of the Education Department's War Relief Organization
  • The Supply of Comforts for Soldiers
  • How the Country Schools Helped
  • How the Town Schools Helped
  • League of Young Gardeners
  • Young Workers' Patriotic Guild
  • Helping the Hospitals at Home
  • War-savings Effort
  • Chronicle of the Activities of the Education Department's War Relief Organization
  • School Subscriptions
  • Statement of Receipts and Expenditure

Some information from the summary

  • Enlistments-752. Of those who enlisted, 724 were teachers, two School Medical Officers, one was a School
    Nurse, and one an Inspector of Schools. The remaining 24 belonged to the Clerical Division of the Public
    Service, and were employed in the Education Department.
  • Those who Died.146.
  • Honors and Decorations-?V .C, 1; C.B., 1 ; C.M.G., 1; D.S.O. and Bar, 1; D.S.O., 4; D.C.M., 4;
    M.C. and Bar, 3; M.C., 35; M.M. and Bar, 2; M.M., 35; Croix de Guerre, 2; Order of the British
    Empire, 4; Meritorious Service Medal, 5; Order of the Nile, 1; Serbian Order of the White Eagle, 1;
    Distinguished Flying Cross, 1. Total, 101.
  • Articles of Comfort Sent Abroad.These numbered rather more than 400,000.
  • Supplies to Hospitals at Home- Condiments and preserves, 50 tons; cake and biscuits, 18 tons; tea, cocoa,
    coffee, 91 tons; invalid foods, 23 tons; general groceries, 21 tons; dairy produce, 21 tons; eggs, 65,000
    dozen; fish, 5 tons; vegetables and fruit, 264 tons; tobacco, 189 lbs; cigarettes, 24,500 packets; poultry and
    game, 9,250 pairs; and sundries, 4 tons. A rough estimate in tons gives 460.
  • The Young Workers Patriotic Guild {including the League of Young Gardeners).It comprised about 80,000
    members, of whom 20,481 earned and gave to the War Relief Fund. In all, the contributions amounted to about 50,000.
  • War-savings Effort in the Schools-?The sums invested amounted to 217,419.
  • Financial.School subscriptions amounted to 422,470
  • Of the various means of obtaining money for the Fund, that known as Flower Day yielded nearly 127,000.
  • Accrued interest brought the amount to the credit of the War Relief Fund on the 8th of January, 1921,
    to 38,044.

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