Annals of Bendigo v3 1892-1909
Annals of Bendigo v3 1892-1909. Mackay, George. 1916.

In 1916, George Mackay continued his popular series of the 'Annals of Bendigo'. This third volume covers the period 1892-1909, and in this one you will find that the population of Greater Bendigo is listed as 46,463, thanks to the statistics from the 1901 Bendigo census which have been recorded.

Similar in style to the earlier volumes, this is a vast collection of information gleaned primarily from 'The Bendigo Advertiser'. It is a record of events that happened throughout the period, all in chronological order, giving the reader a quick overview of the highlights of each year.

Meetings, new railway, the hospital, ministry news - including new ministers, elections, the rain of red mud, sports groups and facilities, mining accidents, portraits unveiled, hospital fair, obituaries, photographic pioneers, music and drama, tramway, fires and floods, openings of new public buildings, the first Old Bendigonians Reunion, St Aidan's Orphanage, local events, and of course mining, including mining statistics ... it's all listed here, plus so much more, It includes many photographs of local people and happenings.

You will find information on thousands of local people and happenings listed throughout this volume. Not only a must for those with ancestors in Bendigo, but also ideal for anyone with an interest in the social history of Bendigo, or Victoria as a whole.

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