Queensland State Electoral Roll 1900
Queensland State Electoral Roll 1900. 1900.

Electoral rolls are the nearest thing Australians have to census records, and hence they are both extremely important, and useful for local, family and social historians.

The roll for Queensland in 1900 totals about 3270 pages in two volumes. Arranged alphabetically by district you will find the details of over 75,000 men who resided in Queensland in this era, and who were qualified (and registered) to vote.

Women in Queensland were not given the right to vote until 1905.

The following information is included for many (but not all) entries:

- Christian name and surname

- Qualification (residence, freehold, leasehold or householder)

- Situation or residence or property

- Age

- Place of abode

- Occupation

- Particulars of qualification

- Date when claim received by electoral registrar

- Polling district

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