New South Wales Police Gazette 1882
New South Wales Police Gazette 1882. 1882. During 1882 the New South Wales Police Gazette was issued weekly, and each issue contains the details of hundreds of events such as changes in the Police Force (promotions, demotions, deaths, new recruits etc), house-breakins, robberies, arson, murders, lost horses and cattle, deserters (both from HM Service, and wives and families), property stolen, property found, escaped prisoners, captured prisoners, reports of prisoners tried since the last issue (together with their name, offence, on whom the offence was committed, when and when tried, and the sentence), missing persons an a whole host more .... including some information from interstate police gazettes.

This CD contains images of all 52 issues of the New South Wales Police Gazette for 1881. You will find information here that cannot be found elsewhere, and you're bound to find these a fascinating read.

Example entries taken from the 11 January 1882 issue:

Deserting Wives, Families, &c.
Wellington.-A warrant has been issue by the Wellington Bench for the arrest of John Sixsmith, charged with absconding from the hired service of Frederick Marsh Esq., J.P., Wellington, on the 27th ultimo. Sixsmith is 13 years of age, rather small for his age; dressed in light coat, dark trousers, and cricketer's hat. Was formerly on board the Nautical Training Ship "Vernon". Supposed to have gone to Sydney. His mother resides at No. 96, Riley-street, Sydney

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