Australian Lutheran 1955
Australian Lutheran 1951-60. 1851-60. Now available for the first time on CD-ROM. The Australian Lutheran, the nationwide magazine for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Australia (ELCA) was published from 1913 to 1966. It gives an amazing insight into the issues of the day and the development and role of the Lutheran Church in Australian history. It also provides a large amount of information on specific events and people in the Australian Lutheran churches past in the form of notices, including many marriages, deaths and obituaries.

It contains a huge amount of valuable and interesting information for historians and researchers in many areas, and will prove a valuable resource for many.

Containing over 4200 pages, this CD covers the 1951-1960 period. A feature from 1958 onwards is the publication of special "Queensland Edition" pages. These pages are also included on this CD.

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The Australian Lutheran 1913-66 - complete set of the entire Australian Lutheran magazines a special set price

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