Roster of Nebraska Volunteers From 1861 - 1869
Roster of Nebraska Volunteers From 1861-1869. Comp. From Books, Records and Documents on File in Office of Adjutant General of State. Published 1888. Nebraska. Adjutant General's Office. (1888) Roster of Nebraska Volunteers From 1861 - 1869 The Roster of Nebraska Volunteers is a compilation of orders, muster rolls, letters, morning reports, and other records kept by the Adjutant General of Nebraska. Information about those who volunteered for military service in Nebraska between 1861 and 1869 include name, age, town and state of residence, date of enlistment, date of muster into service, and of commission or appointment, and date of muster out of service. An index listing units at the company level can be found by clicking on the "Browse this database" link under the search box, then entering page number 241.

From the Quinton Publications Collection