Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen
The one-hundredth anniversary of the birth of Joseph Allen, August 15, 1890, brought together a family gathering at his old home in Northborough, at which were read sketches of his life prepared chiefly for the granchildren. With some changes, these form the earlier and the concluding portions of this volume. With letters and other memoranda of our father and mother the record is continued to the end. It is seldom that two lives pass on in such an unbroken course together for so many years; for, though many changes came, their home remained the centre still for all the scattered family. By a succession of circumstances or perhaps by a special adaptation in themselves, it had also been the home, from first to last of more than two hundred persons in many varieties of relations, and for periods of months or years,--for such they wished to make it to all who entered its doors. -- From the Preface, signed E.W.A..

Allen, E.W. (1891). Memorial of Joseph and Lucy Clark Allen (Northborough, Mass.) by Their Children. Boston: George H. Ellis. From the Quintin Publications Collection.