Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly, Volume 1
Genealogies of Virginia Families from the William and Mary College Quarterly. Vol. I. Adams-Clopton. . (1982)

Of the three periodicals which were originally devoted to Virginia genealogy and history, the William and Mary College Quarterly was the most scholarly. Its contribution in the field of family history made it the fountainhead of Virginia genealogy.

This five-volume series (see also Items 6092, 6093, 6094, 6095, and 6096) contains every family history article published in the Quarterly from its beginning in 1892 until 1943, when genealogical contributions to the Quarterly ceased. The total output of family history articles in this period was immense. No fewer than 500 genealogies were published--nearly one-third of them in multiple installments--and these, together with a substantial number of Bible records, are reprinted in their entirety.

Each volume of the series is separately indexed. The Contents of this volume is as follows:

Adams of New Kent and Henrico; Adams of Fauquier and Fairfax; Alexander and allied families; Allen of Surry Co.; Allen of Augusta; Anderson and allied families; Andrews and allied families; Wives of Robert Andrews; Armistead Wills; Ashton-Clare; Ashton of Westmoreland Co.; Aylett; Bacon-Hobson; Baker (with Howard, Wood and Gilmer); Ball, Cuppage, and Dameron; Ballard; Bankhead (with Formicula and Lightfoot); Banks; Bayne; Beard, Baird; Behethland of Jamestown; Beheathland and Dade; Edward Bennett (with Bourne); Berkeley-Berkley and allied families; Bernard; Bevill or Beville; Bickley or Beckley; Binford; Blackburn of "Ripon Lodge"; Blaikley; Blair; Blunt of Isle of Wight Co.; Boddie of England and of VA; Bolling; Booth; Benjamin Borden; Boxley; Thomas and William Branch; Braselton; Bray-Johnson; Brett-Isham-Randolph; Brodnax (with Walker-Minge and Walker Bible); Bronaugh; Brooke; McAdam and Broun; Broun and allied families; Browne of James City Co.; Bryant, Bryan; Buckner; Bugg; Burke or Bourke; Henry Burton of Gloucester; Burton Bible Records; Burwell, Turnbull, Manlove, Farmer, Ferguson, and Gray; Bushrod; Calhoun; Calthorpe (with Heyward, Hayward, Haward, or Howard); Calthorpe-Bacon; Calvery, John Camm (with Booker); Camm Bible Records; Carlyle; Carr; Carrington; Carter (with Fielding and Davis); Chancellor and allied families; Bible of Richard Chapman, Jr.; Chappell and Malone; Lieut. Col. Walter Chiles; Chilton and allied families; Chilton and Shelton; Edmund Chisman, Jr.; Chisman Bible Record; Christian of Isle of Man and Cumberland; Christian (with Ames-Milby); Churchill of Oxfordshire; Churchill and Pope; Armistead Churchill; Clack; William Claiborne; Henry St. John Clark; Clemens: Mark Twain's VA Kin; Clopton.

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