Walton's Vermont Register, Farmers Almanac, and Business Directory for 1879
Walton's Vermont Register, Farmers Almanac, and Business Directory for 1879. E.P. Walton. (1879) 2007. The first part of this rare book is a 19-century business directory of Vermont with the names of all of the towns and post offices in the state. For each of these is listed the population in 1870 and the names of town officers, justices, professional and business men, including manufacturers, merchants, lawyers, postmasters, physicians, and ministers, among others. A pocket calendar includes some handwritten memoranda from the original owner which are preserved as a matter of interest.
The middle section of the book contains the names of local representatives in the Federal, State and county governments, as well as thousands of judges and other judicial and law enforcement personnel, including county clerks, commissioners, State's attorneys, sheriffs, bailleffs, county auditor's etc., organized by county. It also includes tables and lists with a description of State societies and the names of their leaders, railroads, newspapers and publishers, churches, institutions of learning, prisons, and much more. Researchers will therefore find a valuable list of thousands of prominent 19th-century Vermont residents.
As with more modern Farmer's Almanacs, the book also contains handy reference charts for postal rates, currency exchange rates, phases of the moon, and a variety of interesting vignettes like how to calculate interest.

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The last section includes hundreds of advertisements from Vermont businesses that are reproduced in their entirety and full-text searchable, as is the rest of the book.
Finally, the book also contains a 1879 fold-out map of Vermont and New Hampshire, reproduced here in high-resolution.

Walton's Vermont Register, Farmers Almanac, and Business Directory for 1879. Archive CD Books USA.