Gwinnett Churches
Gwinnett Churches. J.C. Flanigan. (1911) 2006. The author has surveyed all eighty-nine churches in Gwinnett County, along with three others in neighboring counties with Gwinnett membership. The account of each church lists all members as of 1911, and all ministers who had served these churches, comprising more than ten thousand congregants.
The churches of Gwinnett County were all Protestant, more than half being Baptist, along with Methodist Episcopal, Presbyterian, Congregational and Christian. The author has examined the surviving records for each of these congregations. Each account begins with the date of founding of the church, when known, and frequently the list of founding members.
The history of each church continues with a list of each minister for that church, with years of service. In many cases there are also the names of deacons and other church officers as well. Where available, information is included on Sunday school activities, along with the teachers of the Sunday school.
Flanigan also attempted to present the date of construction of each church building and the value of the church edifice. Most sketches are accompanied by photographs of the church building.
Perhaps the most important part of each church history for genealogists is the full list of church members as of 1911. Most of these churches had between one hundred and two hundred members.
The last quarter of the book comprises biographies of many of the ministers who had served the Gwinnett County churches. Many of these men presided over more than one congregation, or, over the course of their careers, had moved from one church to another. Photographs of many of these men are included.

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