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Collection Title Est. Names
1770 - 1790 Census of the Cumberland Settlements: Davidson, Sumner, and Tennessee Counties12,806
1800 Census of Delaware12,306
The Registers of the Cathedral Church of Rochester, 1657 - 183712,198
Illinois Census Returns, 1810, 181812,002
The 1864 Census of the Territory of Arizona10,598
Index to the 1850 Census of Pennsylvania: Berks County; Bucks County; Lancaster County; Luzerne & Wyoming Counties; Northampton County10,306
Free Blacks and Mulattos in South Carolina 1850 Census9,451
Ballard County, Kentucky Census of 18809,013
Census of Iowa For the Year 1895, Part 2 (1896)8,759
Marshall County, Kentucky Census 18708,686
County Cork, Ireland: A Collection of 1851 Census Records8,192
Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Scotland, Taken From the Government Abstracts of 1801, 18218,089
Heads of Families at the First Census Taken in the Year 1790: Vermont (1907)7,341
Posey County, Indiana, Census of 18507,277
Beauharnois County6,585
1890 United States Census6,286
Registra Antiqua de Caerwent, 1568 - 18126,279
Louisiana Census Records, Volume 2, Iberville, Natchitoches, Pointe Coupee, and Rapides Parishes, 1810 and 18206,172
Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1923 - 1929, Taken by Agent James E. Henderson. Volume 1, 1923 - 19246,165
The Children's Aid Society of New York: An Index to the Federal, State, and Local Census Records of Its Lodging Houses (1855 - 1925)5,919
McCracken County, Kentucky Census of 18505,588
Register of Voters For the Northern Division of the County of Durham, 1868-1869, And Poll Taken 24 November, 18685,396
Graves County, Kentucky Census of 18505,365
Report On the Census of Porto Rico, 18995,193
Eastern Cherokee Census, Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915 ? 19225,036
4 of 6 pages

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