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Collection Title Est. Names
Register of Maryland's Herladic Families, 1634 - 193595,307
Descendants of Richard and Elizabeth (Ewen) Talbott of Poplar Knowle, West River, Anne Arundale County, Maryland.60,486
Jones, Richardson, Duhamel and Allied Families of Maryland39,452
The Fisher - Stombaugh Families and Aliled Lineages of Maryland and Pennsylvania 1715 - 194928,513
Records of the City of Baltimore (Special Commissioners), 1782 - 179725,321
Real Stories from Baltimore County History22,898
Longsworth Family History: Descendants of Solomon Longsworth Sr. of Maryland20,070
Register of Marriages and Baptisms Performed by Rev. John Cuthbertson19,356
The Dorsey Family: Descendants of Edward Darcy-Dorsey of Virginia and Maryland for Five Generations17,775
William Quinn Insley, M.D.: Descendant Andrew Insley, Emigrant, Dorchester County, Maryland; and Celia Ann Whitmore Insley: Descendant John Whitmore, Emigrant, Wethersfield, Connecticut17,394
Jay Family Index: The Descendants of William Jay, Born Hartford County, Maryland, 1720, and Mary Vestal Jay16,541
Ancestral Colonial Families: Genealogy of the Welsh and Hyatt Families of Maryland and Their Kin13,638
Descendants of Joseph Francis of Maryland and Virginia11,994
The Wright Ancestry of Caroline, Dorchester, Somerset and Wicomico Counties, Maryland11,927
Register of St. Martin's Church, Worcester Parish, Worcester County, Maryland, 1722 - 183911,454
Genealogy of the Darby Family: George Darby, 1726-1788, of Montgomery County, Maryland11,267
The Wheeler Family of Charles County, Maryland: A History and Genealogy of John Wheeler, 1630 - 169311,124
The Forman Genealogy: Descendants of Robert Forman of Kent County, Maryland, who Died in 1719 - 172010,951
A History of Maryland, 1634 - 184810,806
The Thomas Family of Talbot County, Maryland and Allied Families10,249
Records of Great Choptank Parish, Cambridge, Maryland, Volume 310,187
Longs and Leedys - Pioneers: A Chronological Record of the Long and Leedy Families of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Points West9,367
Register of St. Martin's Church Worcester Parish, Worcester County, Maryland, 1722 - 18399,237
The Warfields of Maryland7,971
Maryland Revolutionary Records7,704
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