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Collection Title Est. Names
The Ottawa City Directory, 1926, Part 274,323
A Selection of Wills From the Registry At York73,090
Great Britain Deaths and Burials, 1778-198870,924
Register of Marriages For the Parish of Edinburgh, 1701 - 175069,006
Registers of St. Peter, Westminster67,619
Index of Irish Marriages, Saint Patrick's Parish, Quebec, 1856 - 1973, Volume 367,369
Marriage, Baptismal, And Burial Registers of the Collegiate Church or Abbey of St. Peter, Westminster65,705
Mariages du Comte de L'Assomption, 1679 - 1960, Volume 165,700
Labelle County: Quebec65,377
The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 763,453
Ste. Julienne Mariages, Annotations, Baptemes, Sepultures, 1853 - 198663,207
Repertoire des Mariages de Valleyfield (Salaberry), 1855 - 195063,145
Register Book of Marriages Belonging To the Parish of St. George, Hanover Square, in the County of Middlesex, Volume 2, 1788 - 180963,034
Mariages du Comte de Laprairie, 1751 - 197262,246
Registers of St. Paul's Church, Convent Garden, London, Marriages, 1653 - 1837, Volume 362,126
Calendar of Marriage Licences Issued By the Faculty Office, 1632-171460,965
The Registers of the Church of St. Michan, Dublin, 1636 - 170060,250
Canterbury Marriage Licences, 1619 - 1660 (1892)60,063
Bradford Antiquary: The Journal of the Bradford Historical & Antiquarian Society59,729
Tableau Genealogique des Mariages Celebres dans les Paroisses du Diocese de Rimouski, Volume 259,043
UK Marriage List, 1655-199258,816
Register of Baptisms, Marriages And Burials 1538 A.D. To 1812 A.D. (1903)58,322
The Victoria History of the County of Lancaster, Volume 558,086
Repertoire des Mariages (Catholiques), Comte Sherbrooke, 1834 - 1970, Volume 357,881
The Register of the Parish of S. Peter and S. Kevin, Dublin, 1669 - 176157,659
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